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The scoop on the lates show information.  What it costs, how to sign up, you know, What it takes to get your PICS.  

Dear Exhibitors,

My name is John Borys the Official Photographer this year for Lamplight Dressage, Silverwood Dressage, and the Region 2 Championships at Lamplight Equestrian Center.


Note: If you are participating in the National Open show this week at Lamplight, this email is for you.

If you are only participating in Young and Developing Horse and/or the Festival of Champions then you need to contact that show's photographer. I am NOT PHOTOGRAPHING the shows in rings 1-4 this week. But if you are scheduled to ride in Rings 5, 6, or 7 this week, that I am your Official Photographer for that show. I will also be happy to set up and photograph private portraits with you as well should you desire.


If you are not going to Lamplight this week, then I offer you my sincerest apologies. Apparently, a contractual obligation with the other show's Photographer would not allow management to share exhibitors emails with me as is done with all the other shows. As a result I am casting a much wider net, in an effort to contact my clients that may be competing this week. If you have friends or barn mates that are riding in this show (again: rings 5, 6, or 7 at Lamplight) and you think they might want photos of this event, please forward this correspondence. Here ya go:


"Welcome to Lamplight Dressage! I want to let you all know what an honor it is for me to be asked to be your photographer. I promise you that I take this privilege very seriously and will do my utmost to make sure I help you preserve quality moments from your rides at this event. 


Second, as you know, this is a very large event. Due to the size of the show it will be impossible to cover every ride of every exhibitor and we will not attempt to do so. If you would like photos taken of your rides,you must purchase a photo package or pay the Session Fee. The fee guarantees we will get at least one of your rides, not all of them.We will not have photos for those who do not place an order.


The “get ‘em all” photo package is $125. (All guarantees 20 – 30 photos, but will usually be greater). THIS PACKAGE INCLUDES THE SESSION FEE. 


If you do not want to purchase all of your photos, or you wish to see them first, then you must sign up and pay the $40 session fee or your ride will not be photographed. This fee is non-refundable and covers the cost of taking the photos, editing them, posting them online, and expenses. It does not get applied to any future purchase. 

If you would like to take a look at my work you can find it on my website at or on my Facebook page. If you have any questions, you may email directly at or call me at (847) 445-2297. 


Once again, you must sign up and pay the $40 session fee OR buy the photo package. Otherwise, your ride will most likely not be photographed.


Payments may be made by check (payable to “John Borys”), cash, or online via PayPal. My PayPal link is Or you can stop by our vendor tent and sign up with Donna, my lovely wife. :)


I look forward to catching more great moments with you again!





John Borys, 

Official Photographer, Lamplight Dressage



(847) 445-2297"




NOTE: Turn around time on photographs is two weeks, if you require them more quickly for a magazine article or special event please let us know. I personally edit every single photograph that goes out to ensure only the highest quality images are received by my clients. This takes time. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

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